Thoughts on a Glossier Haul and how to get Glossier in Australia

Glossier Haul

Ever since Glossier launched way back in 2014, I’ve lamented their lack of international shipping. Back then I’d just moved back to Australia from the UK and I was sure they’d launch international shipping sooner rather than later but four years later, we’re still sadly waiting for Glossier to come to the party.

Last year, I was pleased to see that Glossier had expanded their presence to the UK so I could at least order it through a friend of mine who lives in London. I placed my first order consisting of the Cloud Paint blush in Haze and Dusk and the Perfecting Skin Tint in Light. It took me three months to get the products as I had to wait for my friend to come over to Brisbane for his annual Australian visit.

Recently, I had an urge to try a few more Glossier products and I had a very good experience with ShopMate ordering some products from Old Navy a few years ago so I thought I might try and see what the experience was like ordering from Glossier. The reason I decided to use ShopMate is because it’s run by Australia Post so I felt a bit safer in regards to if my parcel got lost between the US and Australia that it would be rectified.


Signing up for ShopMate gives you a physical US address where you can send your goods, it’s usually in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax and you use this as your delivery address when you are placing an order online.

Once your parcel arrives at the shipping address, you are notified by Australia Post and when you log in to your account, you are asked to enter in the cost of the goods which calculates GST and shipping costs (which are based on the weight of the parcel) which for me was a total of $54. As soon as you pay the charges associated, your goods are released to ship to Australia upon the provision of the order receipt to Australia Post - I’m guessing this is to verify the price of the goods so that they can be sure the correct amount of GST is charged.

I wasn’t able to track the parcel once it left the shipping warehouse in the States but as soon as it entered the country and cleared customs, it popped up in my watch list on the Australia Post website. From receiving the parcel at the warehouse to it being delivered to my door took around 10 days, which I’d say isn’t all that bad considering how long it can take some parcels to clear Customs at Sydney Airport!


In my second haul, I had to balance wanting to buy enough to make the shipping costs worth while but not so much that my parcel would be extremely heavy. I ended up picking up quite a bit though - the Glossier Skin Essentials Phase 1 Set which includes the famous Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Priming Moisturiser and a Balm dot Com in Birthday, another Cloud Paint in the shade Beam, the Stretch Concealer in Medium, Boy Brow in Brown and the Body Hero Daily Oil wash.

Thoughts on glossier products

Perfecting Skin Tint - I picked this up before it was reformulated but I still enjoy using it. It’s very sheer and I tend to use it on the weekends when I’m running errands and just want a slightly more put together look about me. It doesn’t last more than two or so hours before it completely breaks down on my oily skin. Would not repurchase.

Stretch Concealer - I should have paid attention to the reviews I read, this is an absolute mess of a product on me. It is so emollient and greasy that it just simply slips off within moments of application. Definitely do not recommend for anything other than dry skin. Would not repurchase.

Cloud Paint Blushes - I still haven’t worked out how to apply these without looking like a clown as they are so pigmented. I very much like them but don’t use them often as I find myself becoming a bit scared of overdoing it. I’ll probably use more next winter as I tend to stick to powder products during summer. Would not repurchase.

Boy Brow - This is my new holy grail eyebrow gel! I use this on it’s own quite regularly and just on it’s own with lashings of mascara and I look instantly more awake and put together. It never seems to make my brows crunchy and it’s easy to remove at the end of the day yet holds my brows in place spectacularly. Would repurchase.

Milky Jelly Cleanser - I very much enjoy using this as I expected to based on the reviews I have read. It’s hard to explain the texture of the product but it’s a lovely smooth, slippy, gel type cleanser that doesn’t foam up. The rose smell is a little over the top but not completely obnoxious. I use this as a second cleanse and a morning cleanse and I don’t feel tight or sensitive after use. Would repurchase.

Priming Moisturiser - I’ve started to use this as a night moisturiser as it’s a little thicker than what I normally use and it contains a very small amount of retinol (which actually shouldn’t be used during the day). It’s a very simple product and it does the job it’s intended to but I don’t think it’s worth the price when you can get similar products for cheaper, directly in Australia. Would repurchase if we had direct shipping to Australia.

Balm dot Com - A lot of people say this is just glorified and overpriced Vaseline but the ‘flavour’ I bought, Birthday, smells exactly like a birthday cake does and for that, I am slightly addicted to it. It leaves a slightly shimmery finish on my lips and seems to last a fair while before I need to reapply. Would repurchase.

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash - I’ve only used this once as I’m currently trying to use up a huge bottle of body wash from The Body Shop but I very much enjoyed it. The scent is lovely and light and my skin felt very nourished and clean afterwards. Would repurchase.


All in all, there is a lot of hype in relation to Glossier products, some of it well deserved and some of it, well, maybe not so deserved - or maybe that’s just my oily skinned opinion. A lot of these “cool girl” beauty brands just aren’t suited to oily skinned beauty lovers and unfortunately, Glossier seems to be just one of many of those brands.

There certainly are other products that I want to try in the future and when I do a re-stock of my favourites from this haul, I’ll be certain to add them in!

Have you tried Glossier products before? What were your thoughts?



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